Choosing A Document Shredding Service in Garden City
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Choosing A Document Shredding Service in Garden City

The increased risks of compromising your business through identity theft and industrial espionage has changed the way companies manage data security.  Just one data breach can cost a company millions of dollars in PR and damages, and federal and New York state privacy laws like FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act) can cause even more headaches.

Choosing a shredding service in Garden City

If you’re reading this, we’re guessing that you still have a great deal of private information on hard-copy documents. Did you know that disposing of your files is just as important as how they are stored?  It’s critical to implement a secure shredding program for every office regardless of how large or small it is- especially if you have a large amount of files on hand, or they’re not managed efficiently. 

To start, businesses purchase a low-cost paper shredder- and it breaks down or the shredding gets pushed lower and lower on day-to-day activity lists. Eliminate the need to trust your employees with disposing of critical business information and the risk of a data breach or lawsuit- the best bet is to consider hiring a shredding service to do the work for you. 

Deciding to use a professional Garden City shredding company can be easy- but choosing the type of shredding service you should use could prove to be a little more difficult. Here are some things to consider to help you choose the right shredding service for your business.

Mobile Shredding or Offsite Shredding?

Garden City Document Shredding has two different service options that you can choose from for your project: You can choose to shred the material at your location with a mobile shredding truck, or our contractors can pick up your documents and take them to be shredded at our secure plant.

Either option is very secure- the choice is really a function of your comfort level, and the material being shredded.   If you need to witness the destruction of your documents, mobile shredding is the right choice for you- but retired files or files past their useful life can be taken offsite to a shredding plant to save money. 


How much you have to shred has the largest impact on how much your project will cost.  If you just have a few boxes to shred, you might want to choose a Garden City drop-off location near you.  Larger volumes of paper (usually 10 boxes or more) can be picked up by a shredding service or shredded onsite.  The more paper you have to shred, the more sense offsite shredding will make- you save money by not having to bring a mobile shredding truck to your location to shred your files.


Is the shredding contractor you chose for your project certified? There are no government agencies that regulate shredders- we recommend asking if the contractor is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID).  An “AAA” certification from NAID means the certification was verified by a third party.

Service Time 

How long does it take for the shredding company to get to your Garden City office? Be sure to have some sort of idea of when you need service- if you need it the next day, make sure that it’s possible.  As a rule of thumb, most contractors need a minimum two business days to schedule a pickup. Remember that off-hours or weekend pickups will cost extra.


Be sure to ask how you’re charged for the shredding service.  A per-bin or per-box price is preferred over a  per minute pricing structure.  Be sure to get several quotes from multiple providers to ensure you’re getting a good service at a fair price.

No matter which provider you select, using these guidelines will help you find a reputable, secure, reliable contractor that can get your shredding project completed quickly.

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