Scanning Documents

Companies use document scanning services to more easily digitize paper files into electronic records. This allows your records to be accessed and organized through an electronic document management system. This is what is commonly known as the paperless office.

Once it is in a digital format, documents are much simpler to find. If a document is needed, it is available with a basic keyword search. Access to each file can be restricted to singular employees. This puts every document on a work flow basis. Usage must be controlled to prevent workers from selling the personal information of employees and customers. Each record has a retention life and an electronic document management system will automatically eliminate unneeded records.

The beginning step is to work on creating a record retention plan. Codify how long to retain each type of document then determine who needs access to them. Work with your CPA and lawyer to make sure you are in compliance with industry specific requirements. This needs to be published to every employee.

Next, it is time to destroy all of the unwanted records. Have everyone who uses official records shred documents that should be retired. Also, provide shredding bins around your office for employees to discard of their documents. Ask workers to organize their personal files using the official document management policy and destroy everything over its requirements. There is no need to scan documents that are not needed.

Step three is to determine what documents will be needed in the future. The costs of document scanning increases with the number of times the document is used and shared. If it is unlikely to be needed going forward, then just keeping the paper document is the better option. Everything that remains is what you should scan.

Finally, it is time for the physical act of scanning. You can acquire scanners and assign the work to an employee. Or you can hire a scanning service. If you have a small amount, then assigning an employee is a reasonable process. But as you increase the number of documents to be digitized, the scanning can dwarf your capacity.

Garden City Document Shredding makes the digitizing process easy. Working with the best scanning services provides you with higher speed scanners and experienced staffs.

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